Oregon Child Support Program

News and Announcements

  • Oregon Child Support System Project - In an effort to provide the best service to Oregon families, the Oregon Child Support Program is engaging in a multi-year effort to replace our computerized child support system.

  • Establish A Parenting Plan - The Oregon Child Support Program received a federal grant to help families develop a parenting time plan. The grant runs through September 2015. We’ve partnered with mediators throughout Oregon who are ready to help you establish your parenting plan. And the best part—it’s FREE!

Celebrating Veterans Day

American Soldier with Daughter

Veterans Day is Tuesday, November 11. This is the most important holiday for the United States of America to celebrate and honor all veterans. We don’t have to spend money or get dressed up. There are many simple ways to honor our fellow citizens who served our country proudly.

Fewer than 1% of Americans currently wear our nation’s uniforms. Their service, along with the service of veterans from generations before, is valuable to each of us. Our rights and privileges as American citizens have been their gift, and we don’t want to take this gift for granted.

Let’s take a moment to remember and honor our Veterans!

For information regarding veterans as it pertains to Child Support, go to Veterans and Child Support